Need ceramics , tiles & sanitary wares?

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To buy something , it makes sense to refer to the original & main sources . Iran would be a good source to buy ceramics , tiles & sanitary wares for three reasons.


1 . Good & long record in production of tiles , ceramics & sanitary wares .
2 . Cheap energy in Iran , which makes Iranian products economically competitive.
3 . Cheap labor in Iran . which makes Iranian products economically competitive.

The above reasons make Iran ceramics ,tiles & sanitary wares quite competitive . Both in terms of price & quality .
To check my claim , you can even pay a visit to us in Iran & consider my claim closely . We will be at your disposal in traveling to Iran .
It’s worth trying .

Import from Iran

If you need Iranian building materials like ceramics , tiles & sanitary wares , you can start to carry out the bellow trend .

Iranian factories that manufacture ceramics , tiles & sanitary wares rely on some chemicals & equipment that must be imported to Iran .
If you think you can supply us with these chemicals & equipment , do inform us please!

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